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March 2018 Archives

What's the true cost of speeding?

In California, speeding will usually end in an officer issuing a ticket and fine. No one is happy about paying them, but speeding is illegal for a reason. Unfortunately, some people aren't lucky enough to escape from a speeding situation with just a ticket.

Construction industry fatalities continue to be a problem

California residents who work on construction job sites may understandably want to be regularly tracking the safety statistics associated with their line of work and industry. Construction is known to be a highly dangerous industry but that does not eliminate employers' responsibility to provide a safe workplace for construction workers. Sadly, that does not happen all of the time and many people are injured or even killed in construction site accidents.

Eye injuries: What to know about recovery

Eye injuries can be some of the scariest to endure. Not only are you worried about the pain and difficulties you may face, but you can no longer use one of your most significant senses. The frustration of losing your sight, even temporarily, is a lot to handle.

Officers arrest four for drunk driving in one night

Residents in Southern California are likely used to hearing about checkpoints set up by members of law enforcement over key holiday nights. Some of the times most common to have these set up include New Year's eve, Halloween, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day. However, these sobriety checkpoints may well be held at any given point during the year.

What is considered evidence of liability?

When California residents like you get into car accidents, having the right legal assistance can make all of the difference in your fight for compensation. McKnight, McKnight, McKnight & McKnight, Attorneys at Law, are here to fill that role for you and provide you with closure to your case.

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