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November 2016 Archives

Group motorcycle rides require planning and precautions

Riding a motorcycle is great anytime, but sharing an adventure with other riders can really increase the fun factor. Going for a group ride can be a wonderful experience and can create fond memories. But if you want to ride with your friends, there are some techniques that you should apply to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Emotional stress can contribute to truck driver fatigue

It's easy to understand why truck driver fatigue is such a prevalent problem on our roadways. No matter what time of day you may be driving, you will likely be sharing the road with big rig trucks on their way to destinations all across the state and country. The grueling schedules that truck drivers endure would exhaust almost anyone. And thus truck driver fatigue is a major cause of many accidents every year.

Smartwatches present new distraction for drivers

There is no shortage of gizmos and gadgets that are used for both entertainment and productivity purposes. Smartphones and tablets have become particularly ubiquitous, and they allow people to have near-constant access to the internet. On the whole, these devices are valuable tools, but their use should be tempered with common sense. For instance, no one should try to operate any sort of mobile device while driving. This is extremely dangerous and against the law in most states.

Tips for avoiding drunk drivers during the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, your chances of being involved in a car crash due to a drunk driver are greatly increased. People are attending parties and consuming more alcohol than usual and you may be more distracted while taking care of shopping lists and planning for family gatherings. All of this puts you at greater risk of becoming the victim of an intoxicated driver.

Self-care is important in the wake of losing a loved one

The unexpected loss of a loved one can leave a family in a state of utter devastation. Most of us understand that having a family member die can cause a sense of sadness. But many people who actually go through the experience are surprised at just how intense their feelings are. Shock, confusion, despair and disbelief are among the many normal emotional responses people may experience.

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