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March 2016 Archives

Many motorcycle accidents are a result of driver negligence

The conditions of the road, as well as the condition of the vehicle, are important factors in all motor vehicle accidents. However, in both California and across the country, the leading cause of motorcycle related accidents has been determined by investigation to be driver error.

Receiving compensation for truck-related accidents

They seem to be everywhere, large semi trucks that can tip the scales at 80,000 pounds. They're referred to as the backbone of our economy because, without transport trucks, goods would stop moving, and the engine of commerce would come to a screeching halt.

Why motorcyclists are in danger

With the weather warming up in sunny California, it is the ideal time of year to hit the road on two wheels and get away from your mundane problems and obligations. However, there is always the unfortunate possibility that you may find yourself with a whole new set of problems that are anything but mundane. Even the most careful and attentive motorcycle driver is at risk when around other drivers or on roads that are ill-kept or poorly lit.

Study warns elderly drivers about the dangers of Rx sleep aids

One of the single hardest things for millions of Americans to do is secure anywhere from seven to eight hours of solid sleep. While this inability to sleep can often be attributed to external factors like crying children, snoring spouses or barking dogs, it can more often be traced to simple insomnia.

Signs you could have a brain injury after a car accident

A brain injury can range from mild or moderate to very serious such as a TBI ("Traumatic Brain Injury"). While TBIs are often diagnosed and apparent right after a car accident, there are some situations where symptoms may not show up immediately. Delayed diagnosed is almost always a bad thing because the injured person is prolonging the necessary medical attention he or she needs.