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February 2017 Archives

Were you hit by a car while riding your bike home from work?

You wore your bicycle helmet, you wore your reflective gear, and you even had a blinking red light on the back of your bike. You were on your way home from work and your wife had chicken soup with dumplings on the table, so you were extra eager to get home.

Marked increase in California traffic deaths over past two years

Recently released statistics should give pause to anyone who travels on the roads of California; the year 2016 saw a 14 percent increase in traffic deaths. And this represents a continuing trend as traffic fatality numbers have shot up 19 percent in the last two years.

Surveyed truck drivers admit to problems caused by fatigue

Most of us are aware how our mental and physical abilities are affected when we are fatigued. And as such, we strive to get the rest we need so we are always at our best when at work. But some jobs require working long or irregular hours, which can make it very difficult to consistently get a good night's sleep. And over-the-road truck driving is certainly a job that falls into this category.

Proper lane positioning can help you avoid motorcycle accidents

Traveling the roadways of California on a motorcycle requires paying strict attention to your surroundings. Unfortunately, motorcyclists do not always receive the attention and respect they deserve, which means they have to take every measure possible to look out for their own safety. And one of the most important things that you can do when you are riding on a highway is position yourself correctly in your lane.

California introduces stringent new distracted driving law

While cell phones have been a part of our lives for some time, the technology associated with those phones and other mobile devices has been in a constant state of development. The advent of smartphones resulted in a dizzying array of apps that perform useful and entertaining functions. But when used while behind the wheel, these apps can be a deadly distraction.

Truck drivers are responsible for securing their cargo

Big rig trucks are a common sight on California roadways. These super-sized vehicles are often pulling trailers filled with all manner of cargo. But whether the cargo is palletized consumer goods or heavy construction materials, it is imperative that the shipment is properly secured. An unsecured load can slip and fall from a trailer, landing on the road or even on other vehicles. And in an instant, all other motorists are placed in grave danger.

New law designed to curtail distracted driving in California

It is a frustrating, but all too common sight; a driver tooling down the road using a cell phone to talk or text while seemingly oblivious to the conditions of the road. Such behavior is extremely dangerous. In 2016, it is estimated drivers using cell phones were responsible for around 300,000 traffic accidents on California roads.

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