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Bakersfield Attorney Providing Mediation Services

Benton F McKnight

Mediation is a great tool for settling disputes, differences and lawsuits of many kinds outside of court and is often more efficient and cost-effective than the litigation process. When choosing mediation, it is important to work with an experienced mediator who can facilitate conflict resolution and a settlement of the dispute with thorough preparation and creative and mutually acceptable solutions.

Experienced And Balanced Approach To Mediation

With 30 years of civil litigation experience having represented both defendants and plaintiffs, together with more than 10 years of mediator experience, Benton F. McKnight, Esq., is able to complete the majority of mediations within a half day or less and offers a balanced and insightful approach to resolution. Mediation frequently saves you and your client time, money, stress and the uncertain outcome of trial by jury or judge.

Benton F. McKnight has completed the 40-hour Pepperdine University Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution “Mediating the Litigate Case” course and has been conducting mediations for more than 10 years. To inquire about mediation services from Benton F. McKnight, please call us at 661-578-5669 or send an email today.

Mediation Services

  • Personal injury: Auto, motorcycle and truck accidents; product liability; premises liability; wrongful death
  • Business: contract disputes, business litigation, partnership dissolution, corporate disputes
  • Employment: Sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination complaints
  • Real estate: Purchase/sale disputes, landlord/tenant, easements, nuisance

Learn How Mediation May Work For You

Benton F. McKnight is a skilled and experienced mediator with real-world trial experience, who is available for personal injury, business, employment or real estate mediations. Please do not hesitate to call 661-578-5669 or contact us online for more information.