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Potential liable parties after a truck accident

Accidents involving commercial trucks can produce surprising property devastation and injuries, and knowing how to begin recovery after such an accident may seem like an overwhelming task. For many survivors of truck accidents, it is difficult enough to focus on physical recovery from without concerning themselves with the legal side of the accident. Unfortunately, if this goes unaddressed, the victims may face enormous medical costs and lost wages without fair compensation, or no input on the compensation they deserve.

After any truck accident, victims should always seek to understand who bears legal responsibility for the damages and injuries in order to file a proper personal injury claim. Without filing a personal injury claim, it is unlikely that a victim will receive full, proper compensation, and may face serious financial hardship in the meantime. Unfortunately, it is not always simple to determine who is actually liable in the accident, and sometimes the answers are surprising.

Tips for boat safety

National Safe Boating Week is coming up May 19-25, 2018. Shining a spotlight on safe practices for boaters, the designated week reminds those who love to be on the water to put safety first. It comes just in time for the Memorial Day holiday, which California residents will recognize as a crowded time on local lakes and other waterways.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard published statistics showing that, in 2016, Saturday and Sunday were the worst days for boating accidents. The month of July also happened to document the most mishaps on record that year.

Driving safely on rainy days

California is normally a hot, sunny state. However, there has been more rainfall than usual lately. On top of that, spring has only just begun, bringing even more drizzly days along with it. Many Californian drivers will agree that the roads can be extra dangerous on these wet days. What dangers should drivers keep an eye on?

In 2015, USA Today posted an article claiming that recent studies have shown that rain is actually the deadliest weather driving hazard. In 39 of the 50 states, it causes even more fatalities than snow. So what can drivers do to protect themselves on a rainy day?

Two new rules may pave the way for driverless cars

As the federal government has not outlined many regulations regarding autonomous vehicles yet, states have been left largely on their own in this arena. While California may be the state with some of the most regulations in place, two different agencies recently announced decisions that may leapfrog the number of driverless vehicles on area roads.

The timing of these decisions may be particularly interesting to many residents as two deaths involving vehicles in autonomous mode have happened recently, one of which occurred in California. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued a statement indicating that companies may receive permits to test fully autonomous vehicles without any backup drivers inside.

What's the true cost of speeding?

In California, speeding will usually end in an officer issuing a ticket and fine. No one is happy about paying them, but speeding is illegal for a reason. Unfortunately, some people aren't lucky enough to escape from a speeding situation with just a ticket.

The United States Department of Transport is careful to remind drivers of the fact that speeding is one of the biggest roadway dangers that anyone could face. Not only is it responsible for an estimated third of all accidents in the last two decades, but it's one of the top three causes for car accidents in general.

Construction industry fatalities continue to be a problem

California residents who work on construction job sites may understandably want to be regularly tracking the safety statistics associated with their line of work and industry. Construction is known to be a highly dangerous industry but that does not eliminate employers' responsibility to provide a safe workplace for construction workers. Sadly, that does not happen all of the time and many people are injured or even killed in construction site accidents.

The National Safety Council indicates that violations for fall prevention are the most common issued while falls themselves remain the leading cause of death among construction workers. Another factor known to be a big contributor to construction fatalities is being struck by objects. According to information from the Center for Construction Research and Training, over 800 construction worker lives were lost between 2011 and 2015 in incidents in which a person was struck by an object.

Eye injuries: What to know about recovery

Eye injuries can be some of the scariest to endure. Not only are you worried about the pain and difficulties you may face, but you can no longer use one of your most significant senses. The frustration of losing your sight, even temporarily, is a lot to handle.

The good news is that many injuries that involve the eyes are treatable. Even those that are not do not necessarily mean the patient will lose the sense of sight completely. Here are a few things to know about eye injuries in crashes.

Motorcycle safety can save lives

California, with its great weather and scenic drives, is the perfect state to own a motorcycle. However, motorcycles pose a greater risk on the road, and riders need to be extra cautious in order to prevent serious accidents. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, severe injuries and death are more likely to occur in accidents involving motorcycles than other motor vehicles. Some of the major factors in crashes include speeding, alcohol use and supersport motorcycles. Not only do motorcycle accidents result in physical damages, but they also result in major economic damages. Billions of dollars are spent on medical costs, emergency services, insurance costs and loss of productivity. 

Officers arrest four for drunk driving in one night

Residents in Southern California are likely used to hearing about checkpoints set up by members of law enforcement over key holiday nights. Some of the times most common to have these set up include New Year's eve, Halloween, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day. However, these sobriety checkpoints may well be held at any given point during the year.

This is because there is strong backing from research to support that letting the public know about potential stop points may well in fact deter some potential drunk drivers, thereby improving safety overall on the road. Knowing this one might think that publicizing such events may not result in any arrests. Unfortunately this ideal though is not always correct. Sadly too many people continue to think that they can engage in risky behaviors and get away with it.

What is considered evidence of liability?

When California residents like you get into car accidents, having the right legal assistance can make all of the difference in your fight for compensation. McKnight, McKnight, McKnight & McKnight, Attorneys at Law, are here to fill that role for you and provide you with closure to your case.

Evidence of liability is one of the most important keys to securing your case. Within 48 hours of an accident, nearly all of the most critical pieces of evidence will have been destroyed, lost, or removed from the scene. Collecting evidence quickly may be vital. Accident reconstruction experts rely on the evidence collected at the scene to get a truly accurate picture of what happened.

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