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Safely sharing the road with big rigs

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Firm News

Because of their sheer weight, large trucks like semis and tractor-trailers can cause significant damage in an accident with an automobile. As a driver, you should know how to protect yourself from a potential collision when sharing the highway with a big rig. 

Follow these safety tips for defensive driving to avoid a serious accident with a truck. 

Keep your distance 

The larger a vehicle, the more time and distance it needs to stop safely. Avoid cutting off this type of truck in traffic when you switch lanes, because the driver may be unable to slow down effectively. He or she also has limited visibility when closely following other vehicles, which increases the chance of a crash. When behind a big rig, leave enough distance to slow down and switch lanes if necessary. 

Stay out of blind spots 

Truck drivers have the necessary training to drive their sizable vehicles and must monitor their blind spots judiciously. Drivers can protect themselves by staying out of areas where a trucker would have trouble detecting their presence. For example, never pass a tractor-trailer on the right because that side has a large blind spot. Do not drive too closely behind a truck, because the driver could stop quickly and cause your car to slide underneath the rig. 

Be aware of right turns 

Trucks require generous space on the left while making a right turn, so leave a driver plenty of room if you notice his or her right turn signal. Slow down if you approach the truck’s path, or switch into a further lane to accommodate the turn. 

Sharing the roads safely can help decrease serious accidents. Be aware of the hazards that could lead to a crash so you can avoid this type of collision.