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October 2016 Archives

Concept motorcycle eliminates fear of falling

Of all the hazards that motorcyclists face, the most daunting may be gravity. Once you lose your balance while riding, it is quite likely you will experience a very nasty spill, and you may even be seriously injured. But what if there was a way to prevent your motorcycle from falling over? Well, reportedly, the BMW company has found a way to do just that.

Truck driver shortage could mean trouble on the road

Driving a semi-truck is tiring work. As a result, it is all too easy for truck drivers to become fatigued as they attempt to deliver their loads on time. Truck drivers often have to drive during late night and early morning hours when it is normal to experience drowsiness. And while they are required to stop for sleep, they still may not be able to get the rest they need. Their schedules are demanding and often erratic, making it difficult to have a set schedule, which almost ensures they will be tired while on the road.

Bakersfield police making efforts to prevent traffic fatalities

We all have responsibilities when we get behind the wheel to travel on California's roadways. So long as we remain focused and drive defensively, we should have no trouble arriving at our destination safely. Unfortunately, in Kern County we have been experiencing something of a crisis. It seems that far too many people have been driving while intoxicated, which has led to some tragic events.

Loss of a mother can permanently scar a family

Mothers are often the heart and soul of their families. While everyone in a family is important, a mother will typically play a special role that makes her irreplaceable. And the untimely loss of a mother can leave a family so devastated that they will never fully recover.

Ridesharing and the Law in California

Ridesharing is another term for carpooling. Ridehailing is hiring a driver to pick you up and take you to a specific destination. Companies like Uber and Lyft are a sort of hybrid of these two, though they self-identify as ridesharing companies. And because they operate in this "hybrid" space, the law does treat them differently than typical ridehailing companies, like taxis, or than public transportation options, like buses.

Study demonstrates hazards of Pokemon GO on the road

What started as a video game years ago has recently had a renaissance as an interactive phone app. Pokemon has actually appeared in a variety of formats, such as TV shows and trading cards, but it is the app, Pokemon GO that has swept the nation of late. This mobile incarnation of the game requires players to actually travel to specific real-world locations. Upon arriving at these locations, players will see Pokemon characters appear on the screens of their smartphones. The object of the game is to then "capture" these characters.