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Product Liability Claim Attorneys

Every day, people are injured or killed by dangerous products that should never have been placed on the market. However, holding manufacturers accountable can be difficult. Few companies are willing to admit that their products are defective. It usually takes a lot of effort — and a skilled attorney — to convince the manufacturer to pay for your damages.

At McKnight and McKnight Law, APC, in Bakersfield, California, our lawyers represent people who are injured by defective products ranging from prescription drugs to farm machinery.

To discuss a potential product liability claim with an experienced and determined lawyer, call us at 661-578-5669. We offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights and your options.

Advocates For Victims Of Defective Products

Our lawyers handle all types of personal injury cases involving all types of consumer and industrial products, including:

  • Machinery that lacks proper safety guards
  • Prescription drugs that have serious side effects
  • Auto defects such as seat belts or other car safety equipment that doesn’t work
  • Vehicles that are prone to rollover accidents or fires
  • Toys that cause injury to children
  • Chemicals or cosmetic products that cause burns or other injuries

We Have The Resources Needed To Win Product Liability Cases

Defective product cases often hinge on investigations made by engineers, product design specialists, ergonomic experts and other professionals. This work is painstaking and costly.

As a successful personal injury law firm, McKnight and McKnight Law, APC, has the financial resources needed to fund these types of investigations and access to leading technical experts. In addition, we have the advocacy skills needed to go head-to-head with the high-powered law firms typically retained by manufacturers. We will work diligently to build a strong and successful case for you.

Free Consultation With A Defective Product Injury Attorney

To discuss your case with our product liability attorneys, call 661-578-5669 or fill out the contact form on this website.