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July 2017 Archives

Hospital and device manufacturer liable in wrongful death case

Many in Kern County may believe that wrongful death cases are often “cut and dry,” with one party being assigned liability and compelled to pay compensation to another. Yet while some cases may play out this way, others may be very complex, with multiple parties being accused of being at fault for the death of those at the center of these disputes. In situations where liability may be shared, juries could actually choose to assign a degree of fault to several defendants.

Passing the truck: Long hours and older drivers

California ports see a huge amount of the country's import goods, which means commercial trucking is a big business in the Golden State. These large vehicles are heavy and travel at high speeds, which makes any accident involving a truck a serious concern. New reports are shedding a light on hazards in the trucking industry that could affect the safety of our roads.

The truth about motorcycle crashes

The thrill of motorcycle riding is bargained with its inevitable safety hazards. This rings true in most areas of the United States, including California. Of course, there exists the right of individual choice to ride a vehicle containing less safety features than a normal car. However, there are facts to be aware of when operating a motorcycle on public roads.

Drugs more common than booze in crashes

Driving under the influence of drugs has increased across the nation, and drivers in California are no exception. As The Atlantic reports, drivers who die behind the wheel are more likely to have drugs in their system than ever before. In fact, 43 percent of drivers in a fatal crash have either prescription or illegal drugs in their systems, and 37 percent test positive for alcohol, according to recent data. This is a reverse from 2005, where the drivers who died with alcohol in their systems was 41 percent and drugs were at 28 percent.

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