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February 2016 Archives

On the police report, and its importance after a serious car crash

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about what you should do in the wake of a car accident. That post was designed for people who have been in an accident and are physically capable of carrying out some post-accident steps, such as gathering evidence, preserving evidence, and talking to witnesses and accident victims. However, many motor vehicle accidents are serious, and the people involved are in no condition to be doing any of these things after the collision.

2013 data shows motorcyclists were highly at risk

You don't have to like motorcycles or even ride one to realize that the people who operate motorcycles are inherently in a less secure position than almost anyone else on the road. Their vehicles lacking seat belts or airbags or, really, any structural protection of any kind. But that shouldn't condemn someone who enjoys riding a motorcycle to an injurious fate. If they are involved in an accident and someone else is at fault, that negligent driver isn't absolved of wrong-doing just because the victim was riding a motorcycle.

Could cameras and TVs make trucks safer?

Every driver has had that moment where they are driving behind a truck and they just wish they could see around this hulking vehicle that seemingly poses a threat to everyone on the road. But, alas, you can't. You can only be safe and operate your vehicle in a conservative manner to ensure that the massive truck in front of you doesn't get tangled up with you.

Just how dangerous are California roadways?

For most of us, driving every day whether to work or to run errands is almost on auto-pilot mode. We don't really give it a second thought. That is until we are involved in a serious car or auto accident. In just one instant, a person's life can change forever. It is important as licensed driver in the State of California to really understand just how dangerous driving can be.

When bumper meets bumper, how should you handle the aftermath?

You're driving down the road, safe as could be, when you see a stop sign lingering on the horizon. As you approach it, you slow down in an appropriate fashion and come to a complete stop. But the car behind you doesn't, and you're involved in a rear-end collision that leaves both vehicles damaged.