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Loss of a mother can permanently scar a family

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2016 | Firm News, wrongful death

Mothers are often the heart and soul of their families. While everyone in a family is important, a mother will typically play a special role that makes her irreplaceable. And the untimely loss of a mother can leave a family so devastated that they will never fully recover.

If your family has recently suffered the loss of a mother, it is quite likely that money is not your primary concern. Dealing with the grief caused by such a tragedy is difficult, as is figuring out how to repair the damage done and move forward.

But if the mother’s death was due to the intentional misconduct, recklessness or negligence of another, you may have the grounds for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The fact is, you will be facing a number of expenses that heretofore you had no reason to be concerned about.

For instance, if young children are among the survivors, they may experience such emotional trauma that they need psychological treatment. And if your loved one was a household breadwinner, then you may be facing financial hardships. And of course, if the deceased was your wife, you have been denied the companionship that is such a cherished part of your life.

There are a variety situations that can trigger a wrongful death suit, such as if the death was caused by a negligent doctor or a reckless driver. But in order to successfully recover the damages to which you are entitled, you will need to present evidence that your claim has merit.

An attorney who is familiar with wrongful death suits can work on your behalf to prepare a case that clearly demonstrates that you and your family have a legitimate claim.