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What are the safest 2020 vehicles?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When it comes to vehicle safety, crash test ratings and industry reviews provide valuable information for consumers. Choosing a car, truck or SUV with high safety ratings and advanced features can reduce the risk of a serious auto accident. 

Consider these 2020 model vehicles with outstanding reputations for safety. 

Honda Insight four-door sedan 

This is one of the only small cars to earn Top Safety Pick+ designation from the Insurance Institute on Highway Safety. The agency cites high crash test performance as well as standard lane departure warning, lane departure prevention, and pedestrian and vehicle collision avoidance. Daytime running lights, which improve visibility, are also standard. 

Nissan Maxima four-door sedan 

This midsize choice, also a Top Safety Pick+, features standard daytime running lights and collision prevention, as well as optional blind-spot detection. The Maxima sedan also has the highest possible ratings from the IIHS in all crash test categories. 

Subaru Forester four-door SUV 

Small SUVs are a popular choice for families, so consider the Subaru Forester to prioritize safety. This model includes standard daytime running lights, front collision avoidance, lane departure warning and lane departure prevention. Blind spot detection is optional and crash test scores are high enough to earn the Forester Top Safety Pick+ ranking. 

Mazda CX-5 four-door SUV 

Another small SUV, this Mazda features standard daytime running lights and blind spot protection. It also has some of the top crash test scores in its class. 

Acura RDX four-door SUV 

In the midsize luxury SUV class, the RDX leads the pack when it comes to safety. This spacious option comes standard with daytime running lines, lane departure warning and lane departure prevention. Front crash prevention is another standard feature of this Top Safety Pick+. 

Even when you choose a safe vehicle with the latest driver assistance tech, you must also follow the rules of the road and keep your car well-maintained. As a responsible driver, you can potentially avoid significant injury in a car crash.