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Motorcycle safety can save lives

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

California, with its great weather and scenic drives, is the perfect state to own a motorcycle. However, motorcycles pose a greater risk on the road, and riders need to be extra cautious in order to prevent serious accidents. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, severe injuries and death are more likely to occur in accidents involving motorcycles than other motor vehicles. Some of the major factors in crashes include speeding, alcohol use and supersport motorcycles. Not only do motorcycle accidents result in physical damages, but they also result in major economic damages. Billions of dollars are spent on medical costs, emergency services, insurance costs and loss of productivity. 

Motorcycle riders are encouraged to make safety a priority and follow recommended and required laws. The state of California requires all riders, no matter the age, to wear helmets which are extremely effective in preventing many of the injuries that can occur. Riders should also take safety training classes and go through the proper licensing and education tests. Bikes with antilock braking systems are also more stable in situations in which the road conditions are less than favorable.   

Along with wearing a helmet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends additional protective gear. A face shield or goggles should be worn to protect the eyes and clear the rider’s vision. Riders should also wear heavy denim or leather to protect their skin. Over-the-ankle boots as well as leather gloves should be worn. Although black is a typical color worn by riders, bright colors are recommended so riders can be seen more easily by other drivers.