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Officers arrest four for drunk driving in one night

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2018 | car accidents, Firm News

Residents in Southern California are likely used to hearing about checkpoints set up by members of law enforcement over key holiday nights. Some of the times most common to have these set up include New Year’s eve, Halloween, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day. However, these sobriety checkpoints may well be held at any given point during the year.

This is because there is strong backing from research to support that letting the public know about potential stop points may well in fact deter some potential drunk drivers, thereby improving safety overall on the road. Knowing this one might think that publicizing such events may not result in any arrests. Unfortunately this ideal though is not always correct. Sadly too many people continue to think that they can engage in risky behaviors and get away with it.

The Bakersfield Police Department conducted a checkpoint on a recent Friday evening. Despite advance information, they still arrested four drivers and charged them with suspected driving under the influence. In addition, another 43 drivers were cited for driving with either a suspended driver’s license or no valid driver’s license at all. One positive result is that the arrested drunk drivers were taken off the road for the rest of that night.

People in California who are involved in an accident in which a driver has been drinking and may not even have the legal right to drive might want to talk with an attorney to learn how they might seek help and compensation.

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