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What’s the true cost of speeding?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | car accidents, Firm News

In California, speeding will usually end in an officer issuing a ticket and fine. No one is happy about paying them, but speeding is illegal for a reason. Unfortunately, some people aren’t lucky enough to escape from a speeding situation with just a ticket.

The United States Department of Transport is careful to remind drivers of the fact that speeding is one of the biggest roadway dangers that anyone could face. Not only is it responsible for an estimated third of all accidents in the last two decades, but it’s one of the top three causes for car accidents in general.

Speeding can increase the deadliness of potential accidents, too. Because a driver is going so fast, they’ll hit you harder, resulting in more severe injuries and damage. In fact, 10,111 people were killed because of speeding in 2016 alone. An additional 600,000 suffered from mild injuries, with even more suffering from moderate to severe ones.

In addition, speeding is often the result of other reckless driving behaviors. For example, some people who were speeding have also been drinking and driving. Aggressive driving, which is categorized as risky driving behavior, also usually includes speeding and driving too close to other cars. When not enough room is left between vehicles, there isn’t any time to stop if the car in front suddenly stops.

Speed-related accidents can leave you dealing with the emotional, financial, physical and mental scars for years to come. If your life has been impacted by a speeding driver, you can contact an attorney to seek compensation for your suffering and pain.