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Road debris causes fatal freeway crash

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Firm News, wrongful death

The causes of car accidents in California run the gamut from driver negligence to poor road conditions and then some. People who choose to drive while drunk, text while driving or drive recklessely such as weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds all put other innocent people at risk unnecessarily. However, it is not always the immediate choices of drivers that end up prompting an action that results in a crash.

According to a study conducted by AAA, road debris is a serious risk on the road to drivers and passengers alike. While certainly coming upon an object in the road and hitting it may be a problem, the study actually found that it was not coming into contact with an item on the road that caused a plethora of wrecks but the resulting actions that happened when drivers maneuvered in such a way as to avoid such an obstacle. Overall, as many as 500 people are believed to die every year from road debris crashes.

One person driving a standard passenger sedan died recently when a tire flew into his front windshield. The tire is reported to have come off of a vehicle on the other side of the is not known if anyone else was injured in the incident but the one person who was killed apparently died immediately upon impact of the tire. 

Freak accidents can and do happen anywhere and anytime. Regardless of the cause, those who are injured or lose loved ones might want to talk with a lawyer about how to seek compensation. 

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