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How driver negligence endangers motorcyclists

Among the many perks of living in California is the fact that there is rarely an “off season” when it comes to taking out your motorcycle. Around here, many riders get to enjoy the road year-round, but that also means that motorcycle accidents are an all-too-common occurrence. At McKnight, McKnight, McKnight & McKnight, we have a firm understanding of what is causing many of today’s motorcycle accidents, and we have assisted many clients who suffered injury because of another’s negligence.

Motorcycle accidents: is lane-splitting safe?

Motorcycles are often seen as a symbol of freedom, luxury and a carefree lifestyle. There are currently millions of motorcyclists in the United States, and the types of motorcycles driving laws depend greatly on the state. The maneuver known as lane-splitting, in which motorcyclists may pass other vehicles by weaving in between lanes, is legal in California; however, the dangers that can potentially come with such a maneuver have sparked controversy across the country.

The truth about motorcycle crashes

The thrill of motorcycle riding is bargained with its inevitable safety hazards. This rings true in most areas of the United States, including California. Of course, there exists the right of individual choice to ride a vehicle containing less safety features than a normal car. However, there are facts to be aware of when operating a motorcycle on public roads.

What are the most common motorcycle accidents?

Riding a motorcycle in California can be dangerous, but if you know how to watch out for some of the most common motorcycle accidents, you can drastically reduce your chances of being involved in a collision. details what some of the top accidents are and how you can avoid them.

Biker killed by drugged driver

California's temperate climate lends itself so well to motorcycle riding all year round. While mostly good weather may reduce problems with dangerous road conditions, it cannot negate the realities that bikers face when it comes to sharing the road with other motorists. Motorcyclists must always be aware of the risks posed to them by negligent drivers of cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Tips on choosing the right motorcycle gear

Motorcyclists in California know that there is nothing more thrilling than being on the open road. However, along with the many thrills comes a need for safe gear, which can offer protection in a number of different respects to riders of all skill levels. Choosing the right gear can be difficult in some cases, especially for new riders who may be unaware of what comprehensive protection actually looks like.

Were you hit by a car while riding your bike home from work?

You wore your bicycle helmet, you wore your reflective gear, and you even had a blinking red light on the back of your bike. You were on your way home from work and your wife had chicken soup with dumplings on the table, so you were extra eager to get home.

Proper lane positioning can help you avoid motorcycle accidents

Traveling the roadways of California on a motorcycle requires paying strict attention to your surroundings. Unfortunately, motorcyclists do not always receive the attention and respect they deserve, which means they have to take every measure possible to look out for their own safety. And one of the most important things that you can do when you are riding on a highway is position yourself correctly in your lane.

Group motorcycle rides require planning and precautions

Riding a motorcycle is great anytime, but sharing an adventure with other riders can really increase the fun factor. Going for a group ride can be a wonderful experience and can create fond memories. But if you want to ride with your friends, there are some techniques that you should apply to keep everyone as safe as possible.