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What are the hidden costs of a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

When California motorcyclists get into an accident, a number of different costs are going to be associated with that. You’ll likely think of immediate medical costs and perhaps the cost of fixing damage done to your motorcycle, but what about the hidden costs that fewer people consider?

Defined by the American College of Health Executives, continued medical care is the care provided by social services and other organizations for people with permanent medical disabilities, ailments, or illnesses. While this is usually associated with the elderly or those born with illnesses or disabilities, it can also apply to people who become disabled or suffer from permanent damage after a motorcycle accident.

After all, the short term medical costs like the initial hospital stay are only a small fraction of the overall costs you will likely be looking at. While things like broken bones, abrasions and torn ligaments will heal in time, some damages can be more permanent. For example, a broken or fractured spine can take months to heal from. In some cases, a rider may become paralyzed from their injuries and will need help accomplishing daily tasks. In others, brain damage may cause significant impairment which will require the same long term care. When medical professionals need to care for you weekly or even daily, costs can rise fast.

Many people don’t consider these bill sources, but they can be quite expensive indeed. Whether you’re dealing with long term care for months, years, or possibly the rest of your life, you may want to see what legal options are available to you. You could create a financial cushion by holding the person responsible for your injuries liable.