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Traumatic brain injuries come with many effects and risks

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | blog, Firm News

Traumatic brain injuries can come from a host of accidents, including motor vehicle crashes. When you suffer from one of these catastrophic injuries, you will have to deal with many different impacts to your life. From the diagnosis through the treatment and life upheaval, you have to be prepared to deal with it all.

One thing that might help you to cope better with the injury is to find out general ideas about what you can expect. While TBIs don’t impact every person in the same way, learning the possibilities might help.

A direct hit isn’t required

One of the most common misconceptions about brain injuries is that they can only occur if the head suffers from a direct hit. The truth is that violent shaking of the head can lead to these injuries. One example of a brain injury that can occur without a blow to the head is shaken baby syndrome. While adults might not suffer to the same magnitude as these babies, it gives you a good idea of how serious these injuries can be. No matter what type of auto accident you were in, there is a chance that your brain was impacted just because of the motion that comes after a violent impact.

Different body systems can be impacted

Every system in your body can be affected by a TBI. You might have physical and cognitive symptoms, such as difficulties completing fine motor movements. You may have emotional impacts, such as an inability to control your reactions to situations that you are placed into. Even your memory can be affected by a brain injury. This can make it difficult for you to do your job duties or handle things at home.

Consciousness can be altered

Some traumatic brain injuries can lead to altered consciousness. This can include everything from being in a vegetative state to passing out for a short period. Any altered consciousness after a car accident is a reason to seek out medical care because it could signal a brain injury even if you don’t have any other signs of a brain injury.

Loved ones can be affected

Your loved ones can be impacted by your brain injury. Some people might find the changes in your mood and emotions difficult to handle. They might have trouble having to help you with daily life tasks that you used to be able to do yourself. This doesn’t mean that you need to feel sorry for yourself or them. Instead, it means that everyone will have to find ways to adjust to the new way of life and be given the time necessary to make those changes.