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How to avoid becoming another New Year’s Eve statistic

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2017 | car accidents, Firm News

Drunk driving is a problem that endangers people any time of year, but New Year’s Eve is particularly known for festivities involving alcohol. That being said, this holiday is also known for drunk driving accidents in California, as well as across the country. It is important that those who go out to ring in the New Year make wise choices regarding their alcohol consumption and how they are getting home.

State Farm has provided numerous tips for getting home safely after a night out drinking with friends or family. It is always a good idea to choose a designated driver – someone who will not drink during the outing and serves as a sober ride home. The designated driver might also be tasked with keeping friends’ keys and helping to cut them off when they have had too much to drink. Another option for a safe ride home is to call a taxi or Uber. Parents of teens might want to talk to their children about not drinking and driving, never getting into a car with someone who has been drinking and calling them for a ride home without worrying about consequences.

In 2016, a staggering 1,059 people in California lost their lives in accidents that involved alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This was the highest number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the state since 2007. It is hoped that when more people understand the dangers and are responsible with their drinking, drunk driving accidents will decrease.