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Drunk driver kills child, injured other child and adult

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Firm News, wrongful death

For most people in California, the recent Thanksgiving weekend and holiday was hopefully a relaxing and joyful time spent with friends and family. Unfortunately for some residents or visitors to the state, this holiday period was marred by tragedies that could have and should have been avoided. Vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers notoriously ruin too many celebrations for people, leaving them to grieve for their lost loved ones instead of enjoying precious time together.

A sad example of this can be seen in a drunk driving crash that happened on the afternoon after Thankgiving Day that left one dead and two others injured. To make matters worse, the fatality was a boy who was only five years old. One of the people who was injured was a little girl all of three years old. She and an adult woman had to be taken by air to a hospital for treatment.

All of this was caused by the recklessness of a drunk driver who was speeding down Highway 99. Instead of driving safely passed a vehicle that was stopped with its flashers on along the side of the road due to a flat tire, the drunk driver hit that stranded vehicle. The driver’s side front of the speeding car struck the passenger’s side rear of the stopped automobile, pushing it up on the cement divider. The two children and woman were in the vehicle at the time.

When people are forced to endure these senseless incidents, they may want to talk with an attorney in California to learn how they might seek justice and compensation. 

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