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Fullerton apartment building struck by semi truck

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Firm News, truck accidents

The many semi trucks and other commercial vehicles one may see traveling throughout Kern County at any given time may cause a bit of anxiety in the drivers that share the road with them. Any sort of abrupt movement may send the cargo that such vehicles carry flying into the road, or could cause the vehicles themselves to lose control and endanger others. Yet if there is one place where people may rightly feel safe from the dangers posed by these vehicles, it is in their rooms. In some cases, however, even a residential structure may be at risk of collision from a big rig.

Such was the case in a recent truck accident that occurred in Fullerton. Law enforcement officials were called in to respond to a vehicle having hit a building. What they found was a semi truck that had run into an apartment building. It was reported that the vehicle suddenly shot across multiple lanes of traffic, struck a curb and then ran into the building. An investigation is currently underway to determine what might have caused the driver to lose control of the truck. The driver and a passenger in the truck sustained injuries in the crash, as did a family of three that was inside their apartment when the accident occurred. Ultimately, five of the apartments in the building had to be evacuated due to damage caused by the accident.

In cases such as this where extensive damage to both people and property occurred, the question of liability may inevitably arise. One may wonder if it lies solely with the driver, or the company with whom he or she is employed. Whomever is deemed to be responsible, accident victims may want to work with an attorney if they wish to be compensated for their expenses.

Source: CBS Los Angeles “18-Wheel Truck Plows Into Apartment Building; 5 Hurt” Apr. 30, 2017