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Tips on choosing the right motorcycle gear

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists in California know that there is nothing more thrilling than being on the open road. However, along with the many thrills comes a need for safe gear, which can offer protection in a number of different respects to riders of all skill levels. Choosing the right gear can be difficult in some cases, especially for new riders who may be unaware of what comprehensive protection actually looks like.

According to, there is a lot more to motorcycle gear than just helmets. For instance, the right jacket is imperative for providing good protection to a number of different areas of the body. In general, jackets are available in two forms; textile materials and leather. Rougher materials are essential for protecting the rider in the event of a crash, and even leather jackets not created specifically for motorcycle riders may not be up to the task. It’s good to look for a jacket that has certain features, such as double stitching, body armor on key areas, and a snug fit to prevent wind intrusion.

Proper footwear is also highly important. Ankle support is key in this respect, as are boots that offer no-slip soles. Many boots include metal plates within the sole itself to reduce the likelihood of twisting. Boots should be sturdy enough to contend with the often massive weight of a motorcycle, which in some cases can weigh more than 350 pounds.

Helmets are another crucial factor in protection, as illustrated by To this end, it helps to know what to look for when choosing a helmet. Helmets come in many varieties, such as full face, half shell, open face, etc. In this case, the type of bike can dictate the best helmet for the situation. Sport bike riders typically opt for full face helmets, while riders of touring bikes prefer modular helmets (which include a face shield that can be raised). Fit is also important, and riders should seek out helmets that fit snugly but are still comfortable.