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Truck drivers are responsible for securing their cargo

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Firm News, truck accidents

Big rig trucks are a common sight on California roadways. These super-sized vehicles are often pulling trailers filled with all manner of cargo. But whether the cargo is palletized consumer goods or heavy construction materials, it is imperative that the shipment is properly secured. An unsecured load can slip and fall from a trailer, landing on the road or even on other vehicles. And in an instant, all other motorists are placed in grave danger.

But such catastrophes are completely avoidable if truck drivers follow proper securement procedures. As such, before taking off on a delivery, a truck driver should make sure of the following:

  • That vehicle structures and securement equipment are fully functional and used within their prescribed capabilities.
  • That the front and side views of the truck are unobstructed and that there is nothing that could interfere with being able to operate the vehicle or react to an emergency.
  • That all vehicle equipment is satisfactorily stowed.
  • That all packaging and pallets are in adequate shape.
  • That cargo is adequately secured and correctly distributed within the appropriate standards.

If a truck driver discovers a problem with a load that creates a potential hazard, he or she should report it immediately to the carrier. And once on the road, the truck driver should periodically check the cargo to make sure it is still secured. If necessary, additional securement procedures should be employed.

Truck drivers and carriers have a duty of care to make sure that trailer loads are tied down and will not slip off while on the road. If you or a family member have suffered an injury due to fallen truck cargo, you may want to have an experienced personal injury attorney handle your case. By investigating the accident and assessing your medical needs, the attorney can help determine the best way to pursue an appropriate level of compensation.