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Sickness can impact a driver’s skills as severely as drunkenness

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | car accidents, Firm News

The so-called cold and flu season is upon us. Hopefully, you will dodge the bullet this year and not get sick. Most of us know how miserable a bout of the flu or a serious cold can be. And while it is best to stay home and get plenty of rest, sometimes it is necessary to fight through the symptoms and get on with the day’s business.

And while being out and about when ill may be uncomfortable, it presents no real danger, right? Well, actually, being sick can negatively impact the ability to perform one very important task; driving a motor vehicle.

In one study, people who got behind the wheel while suffering an illness saw their driving skills diminish by around 50 percent. Specifically, they were more prone to experience major losses of concentration and slowed reaction times. In fact, their cold symptoms impacted these drivers to a degree comparable to having consumed “four double whiskeys.”

If a person decides to counter the effects of a cold or the flu using an over the counter medication, he or she becomes that much more dangerous when driving. So in addition to all of the other potential dangers lurking on California roads through the winter, we must also be concerned with those who are driving while ill.

If you have recently been injured in an automobile collision, it is important to aggressively pursue compensation that is appropriate to your needs. Medical expenses have a way of spiraling out of control, therefore, it behooves you to try to maximize your settlement and not simply accept the first offer made by insurance companies. And an experienced personal injury attorney can act on your behalf to help you get that to which you are entitled.