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Issues transporting intermodal freight

Oftentimes, those who see semi-trucks driving around Kern County cannot tell the difference between the various styles of heavy-duty commercial transport vehicles. Yet there are, and those differences can contribute to the risk large trucks present to the other vehicles on the road around them. For example, many may look at a transport trailer and think that they are all the same. However, some may be standard tractor trailers, while others are actually intermodal shipping containers that have simply been secured to a flat rack or skeleton chassis. 

Conditions that can lead to accidents

California truck drivers have a lot on their plates. Not only do they need to worry about making their deliveries on time, but they also have to keep an eye out for every other driver on the road. When combined with the long and often unusual hours they work, the distance they travel, and the size of their vehicles, it seems like a potential recipe for disaster.

Load is more dangerous than the truck in some truck crashes

Truck accidents cause numerous injuries and deaths each year in California and across the country. Most people might just consider the size and speed of the truck in large truck collisions. However, the load a truck is carrying might also be dangerous in an accident.

What you need to know about truck driver hours

Drive on any of California’s congested freeways and it is guaranteed that you will see large trucks mixed in among the passenger vehicles. You are probably already aware of the dangers that big rigs pose to you and others on these fast roads. The large size of 18-wheelers makes it difficult for truck drivers to slow down quickly or maneuver in time to avoid an accident. Our team at McKnight, McKnight, McKnight & McKnight, Attorneys at Law understands the risks, as well as the many factors that contribute to serious trucking collisions.

Truck driver rest requirements: boon or burden?

At least a few California truck drivers prefer to drive without mandated rest periods applying that would require them to stop and rest more. Others believe that rest requirements keep roadways safe. As reported by The Mercury News, when compared to federal laws regarding mandatory breaks, California permits truck drivers to rest more frequently. However, California law is in danger of federal preemption depending on whether new proposed federal legislation is passed. Under current law, while in California, truck drivers may take one half-hour break for meals every five hours worked, and one ten-minute break for rest every four hours worked. At present, federal law requires drivers to take one half-hour break after eight hours of driving. In other words, truck drivers passing through California have the option to take breaks more frequently if they choose.

Passing the truck: Long hours and older drivers

California ports see a huge amount of the country's import goods, which means commercial trucking is a big business in the Golden State. These large vehicles are heavy and travel at high speeds, which makes any accident involving a truck a serious concern. New reports are shedding a light on hazards in the trucking industry that could affect the safety of our roads.

Fullerton apartment building struck by semi truck

The many semi trucks and other commercial vehicles one may see traveling throughout Kern County at any given time may cause a bit of anxiety in the drivers that share the road with them. Any sort of abrupt movement may send the cargo that such vehicles carry flying into the road, or could cause the vehicles themselves to lose control and endanger others. Yet if there is one place where people may rightly feel safe from the dangers posed by these vehicles, it is in their rooms. In some cases, however, even a residential structure may be at risk of collision from a big rig.

Assigning liability for truck accidents

Any time that you pull next to a semi-truck or tractor-trailer while driving in and around Kern County, you may immediately begin to feel a sense of nervousness due to the massive size of such vehicles. That nervousness may even lead to fear at the prospect of colliding with one of these massive trucks. Many of those that we here at McKnight, McKnight, McKnight and McKnight Attorneys at Law have worked with will tell you that your fears are justified. Injuries and damage resulting from truck accidents can be severe. If you happen to be involved in one, your first question may be regarding who is liable, the trucker or the company he or she works for.

Surveyed truck drivers admit to problems caused by fatigue

Most of us are aware how our mental and physical abilities are affected when we are fatigued. And as such, we strive to get the rest we need so we are always at our best when at work. But some jobs require working long or irregular hours, which can make it very difficult to consistently get a good night's sleep. And over-the-road truck driving is certainly a job that falls into this category.

Truck drivers are responsible for securing their cargo

Big rig trucks are a common sight on California roadways. These super-sized vehicles are often pulling trailers filled with all manner of cargo. But whether the cargo is palletized consumer goods or heavy construction materials, it is imperative that the shipment is properly secured. An unsecured load can slip and fall from a trailer, landing on the road or even on other vehicles. And in an instant, all other motorists are placed in grave danger.

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