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Auto Accidents and Spinal Cord Injuries: The Hard Facts

Your spinal cord is a vital structure that allows your brain to send signals throughout your body to control movement, breathing and senses of touch and feel. This essential bundle of nerves and fibers extends down your back, between your brain stem and your tail bone. It's protected by your spinal column, which is constructed predominantly of hard bone vertebrae and soft tissue membranes. Injury to this area can sever, crush, bruise, constrict or otherwise damage your spinal cord and its all -important nerves. Spinal cord injury can have significant consequences, including paralysis.

Just how dangerous are California roadways?

For most of us, driving every day whether to work or to run errands is almost on auto-pilot mode. We don't really give it a second thought. That is until we are involved in a serious car or auto accident. In just one instant, a person's life can change forever. It is important as licensed driver in the State of California to really understand just how dangerous driving can be.