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Driving safely on rainy days

California is normally a hot, sunny state. However, there has been more rainfall than usual lately. On top of that, spring has only just begun, bringing even more drizzly days along with it. Many Californian drivers will agree that the roads can be extra dangerous on these wet days. What dangers should drivers keep an eye on?

Two new rules may pave the way for driverless cars

As the federal government has not outlined many regulations regarding autonomous vehicles yet, states have been left largely on their own in this arena. While California may be the state with some of the most regulations in place, two different agencies recently announced decisions that may leapfrog the number of driverless vehicles on area roads.

What's the true cost of speeding?

In California, speeding will usually end in an officer issuing a ticket and fine. No one is happy about paying them, but speeding is illegal for a reason. Unfortunately, some people aren't lucky enough to escape from a speeding situation with just a ticket.

Officers arrest four for drunk driving in one night

Residents in Southern California are likely used to hearing about checkpoints set up by members of law enforcement over key holiday nights. Some of the times most common to have these set up include New Year's eve, Halloween, Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day. However, these sobriety checkpoints may well be held at any given point during the year.

What is considered evidence of liability?

When California residents like you get into car accidents, having the right legal assistance can make all of the difference in your fight for compensation. McKnight, McKnight, McKnight & McKnight, Attorneys at Law, are here to fill that role for you and provide you with closure to your case.

Drunk drivers targeted in legislation

Residents in California who are concerned about the risks that drunk drivers pose to them should be interested to learn about a new effort that is attempting to be made to combat this problem. Unfortunately existing laws and public awareness campaigns have not been sufficient to get people to make the choice to put away their keys if they are going to be drinking. 

Culver City crash puts Tesla Autopilot safety in the spotlight

There is no doubt that the Autopilot driver assistance feature in Tesla vehicles is an innovative form of modern technology. When used properly, this feature can improve safety for the drivers of Tesla cars and others on the road, as well as provide a few impressive conveniences. However, to avoid accidents, it is also important for the owners of Teslas in California and elsewhere to have a full understanding of how the Autopilot feature works.

Impatient or angry drivers can turn deadly

As you know, we are living in a busy society. When you combine our hectic schedules with the congested traffic that has become normal in California, it is no wonder many drivers can become impatient or irritable. All of us at McKnight, McKnight, McKnight & McKnight, Attorneys at Law, know about the terrifying consequences that can happen when an impatient driver flies off the handle. The way you react to a driver like this may save your life.

Top tips for driving safely in strong winds and heavy rain

When the wind picks up, and the rain begins to fall, the last place you want to find yourself is behind the wheel of your car. Unfortunately, this happens frequently because we can't stop our busy lives due to weather conditions, as much as we'd like to sometimes! As scary as it may be, there are some tips you can follow to drive safely in inclement weather.

How to avoid becoming another New Year’s Eve statistic

Drunk driving is a problem that endangers people any time of year, but New Year’s Eve is particularly known for festivities involving alcohol. That being said, this holiday is also known for drunk driving accidents in California, as well as across the country. It is important that those who go out to ring in the New Year make wise choices regarding their alcohol consumption and how they are getting home.

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