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Determining the safety of self-driving cars

California drivers who are interested in tracking the evolving world of autonomous cars know that one of the big reasons people cite in favor of these vehicles is the alleged safety they may offer. In short, the goal is that a car operated more or all by a computer could be safer than one operated by a human being.

Distracted driving bans not sufficient

California was one of the first states in the nation to attempt to crack down on the use of phones while driving. As the month of April is designated as Distracted Driving Awareness Month, people will continue to hear about how using phones when behind the wheel is dangerous. This type of effort is needed because statistics show that even with a clear ban on the handheld use of phones while driving, too many drivers refuse to put away their phones.

Examining the risks posed by eating and drinking while driving

Many in Kern County may already recognize the problem that distracted drivers pose on the area’s highways and roads. One might reasonably argue that such drivers are an even greater risk than those who are intoxicated, as more people may be willing to engage in distracting behavior. Indeed, information shared by shows that in 2014 alone, 431,000 people were injured by distracted drivers. Most associate distracted driving with cell phone use, yet there are other activities that countless people continue to engage in that may be just as distracting. Among these are eating and drinking.

California introduces stringent new distracted driving law

While cell phones have been a part of our lives for some time, the technology associated with those phones and other mobile devices has been in a constant state of development. The advent of smartphones resulted in a dizzying array of apps that perform useful and entertaining functions. But when used while behind the wheel, these apps can be a deadly distraction.

New law designed to curtail distracted driving in California

It is a frustrating, but all too common sight; a driver tooling down the road using a cell phone to talk or text while seemingly oblivious to the conditions of the road. Such behavior is extremely dangerous. In 2016, it is estimated drivers using cell phones were responsible for around 300,000 traffic accidents on California roads.

What is texting-while-driving lockout technology?

When it comes to the use of cellphones while operating motor vehicles, there is no doubt that it's dangerous. Indeed, if you're a single mother driving your kids to school in the morning, you've probably seen far too many people with their eyes on their cellphones instead of their eyes on the road.

3 tips for staying safe this New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve can be fun for those headed to parties, and at events, alcohol often makes a debut. Staying safe should be a priority, and even though many young adults feel they face little risk, the truth is that all people are at risk during New Year's Eve, even you. Here are four tips to help keep you safe.

Sickness can impact a driver's skills as severely as drunkenness

The so-called cold and flu season is upon us. Hopefully, you will dodge the bullet this year and not get sick. Most of us know how miserable a bout of the flu or a serious cold can be. And while it is best to stay home and get plenty of rest, sometimes it is necessary to fight through the symptoms and get on with the day's business.

Smartwatches present new distraction for drivers

There is no shortage of gizmos and gadgets that are used for both entertainment and productivity purposes. Smartphones and tablets have become particularly ubiquitous, and they allow people to have near-constant access to the internet. On the whole, these devices are valuable tools, but their use should be tempered with common sense. For instance, no one should try to operate any sort of mobile device while driving. This is extremely dangerous and against the law in most states.

Tips for avoiding drunk drivers during the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, your chances of being involved in a car crash due to a drunk driver are greatly increased. People are attending parties and consuming more alcohol than usual and you may be more distracted while taking care of shopping lists and planning for family gatherings. All of this puts you at greater risk of becoming the victim of an intoxicated driver.